Boardwalk Ecosystem

For every market and the companies which operate in it, all participants are either managing external information ripples or creating new ones. Each time a ripple interacts with the enterprise, the goal is to amplify useful or mitigate disruptive ripples. The Boardwalk Ecosystem helps companies manage information ripples across individuals, groups, corporations, and the global chain of partners.

Boardwalk Ecosystem

From Concept to Consumer

The Boardwalk Ecosystem is powered by the Boardwalk Digital Ledger and the Network of Words and allows the management of ripples across individuals, groups, corporations, and the global chain of partners, thus cutting costs, improving margins, enabling better accessibility to the correct material sources, and other ancillary entities that allow a company to thrive from concept to consumer.

The earlier an enterprise can detect a ripple and evaluate its impact, the better the enterprise can mitigate or amplify the ripple to its benefit. The business hurdle in this path is the disconnect and lack of visibility across departments and global external partners. The technological hurdle is the inability to capture change and the disconnect between structured and unstructured enterprise information. The Boardwalk Ecosystem closes this information gap in the enterprise.

Boardwalk Story

Part of the Boardwalk Ecosystem, the Boardwalk Story enables you to seamlessly take your product data (such as BOM, Techpack, Textile Mill Information, Creative / Inspirational data), process it, and place it on our patented and secure Boardwalk Digital Ledger. Once this happens, a unique Boardwalk Story ID is generated for an individual product.This id can be shared internally within your company and externally to create radical transparency between your products and customers, as well other relevant parties.

Boardwalk Story adds the missing element from the world of business by finally providing key information that allow businesses to tell unique stories through their business practices. In this case, at the product level, saving marketing dollars and allowing the story of the product to speak for itself. For example, what was the inspiration for the product, what materials were used and where were they sourced, why is the material you are using better and what benefits can it have, short term or long term. Companies can present their Boardwalk Story code to the world and specifically consumers looking for transparency before making a purchase decision. This will help with overall product level transparency regarding cost, sustainability, and many other products.

Boardwalk Retail

Using the Boardwalk Story code, companies can now hand the code over to retail partners, both online and on the ground, enabling consumers to click on the code online and look at the story of the product. From the fabrics being used to the inspiration behind the garment to the actual designer themselves, a consumer can now have a more intimate level between themselves and product.

This enables you to increase your ROI on the retail floor by adding the code to your existing tags so consumers can scan it on their mobile phones and see the Boardwalk Story of a product. This will help prevent sales from not closing because a retailer didn’t know what fabric was in a garment, or how the product was made.