Patented Digital Ledger Technology

Managing data using digital ledgers will be the future of how enterprise information is exchanged.


Boardwalktech was the first company to develop a now patented positional cell data management technology. We were also the first company to deliver a digital ledger database designed specifically for collaborative, multi-party enterprise planning applications-- both disruptive offerings in the market. Our vision is to provide digital ledger technology and products for the extended enterprise which our customers can use to run mission critical applications managing the digital exchange of information internally and with customers, channels, and suppliers. We’re well on our way- today, we have companies of all sizes in all industries running mission critical processes managing billions of cells of data as part of their digital information exchange with thousands of trading partners.

  • Founded 2004
  • Headquarters Cupertino, CA.
  • Company TypePublic (Ticker Symbol: BWLK)
  • Business FocusEnterprise Applications


Spreadsheets were the first Killer App for business pioneering the use of positional data as a digital ledger on the desktop. Relational databases revolutionized enterprise data usage on a server. The problem – positional and relational data don’t work well together. The founders of Boardwalktech developed a simple, yet powerful, way to bring these worlds together creating a patented, digital ledger database technology which leverages the most useful aspects of blockchain technology and can be used both in the cloud or on premise and in any application, device, or platform.


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