Digital Ledger Technology for Multi-Party Planning Applications

Boardwalktech's patented digital ledger technology gives enterprises the digital transformation platform they need to get to 100% digital for all their structured and unstructured data. Our digital ledger technology solves the trust, collaboration, and data alignment issues that companies face when working with multiple parties.

What Makes Boardwalk Unique?

Boardwalktech provides a patented, collaborative enterprise digital ledger data management technology for multi-party enterprise planning applications. Unlike other technology that supports collaboration at the file, record-object, or line-item level, only Boardwalk enables concurrent, multi-user collaboration for structured and unstructed enterprise data at the resolution of business-- the cell.

Boardwalktech’s patented IP creates a cell/object-based, unique identifier for enterprise data. This identifier leverages the use of positional data to create a contextually-aware dataset that can be utilized by any enterprise application, integrated with the extended enterprise, and available across multiple platforms and devices.