Pay per application, pay per user, pay per server; cloud or on-premise; choose your plan!

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Boardwalk Sheets

  • Runs in Native Excel
  • Submit/Refresh Cell-Level Data Sharing
  • Chat Messaging from within Excel
  • No Installation Required
  • Free for 30 days
  • Simple Sharing
  • Server-Based Pricing Available
  • Integration
  • Access Control
  • Design Framework

For Pricing, Please Contact Us

Boardwalk Application Engine

  • Configure and Deploy Enterprise Applications
  • Available for SQL Server and Oracle
  • Multi-Platform Including Mobile
  • Enterprise Security
  • Validation, Workflow, Exception Management
  • Multi-Point, Two-Way Integration
  • Multi-Role User Templates
  • Full Access Control
  • Training
  • Design Framework Authoring Toolkit

BAE is licensed as a platform that can support multiple applications—how many are determined by both a license maximum and also a performance maximum. The pricing is offered on both an annual basis or perpetual. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, both Boardwalk Sheets and BAE can run in a shared or private cloud or behind your firewall.

All BAE deployments are completed using the Boardwalk Design Framework which is an Excel-based authoring environment used to configure and deploy enterprise applications on Boardwalk. We offer a variety of training programs ranging from introductory to advanced both via the web or on premise. We also offer a 2-week quick start deployment training where we will work with your staff to identify and deploy an application during a compressed 2-week period composed of both virtual and in-person training.

Yes. In fact, we believe there’s no better way for you to become comfortable with the capabilities of Boardwalk. Depending on complexity and scope, there might be some cost associated with configuring the POC, but all user license fees are deferred until successful completion of the POC.

Boardwalk is available from a number of the partners listed in the Partner’s section of the website. Government agencies can find purchasing information on the System for Award Management (SAM)

Boardwalk requires Excel 2007 or later and an internet connection to communicate with the Boardwalk server over an HTTP/HTTPs protocol. If you are installing Boardwalk behind the firewall, you will also need to have either SQL Server or Oracle and Tomcat

Client Machine:
  • OS Version / License: Windows XP or Higher
  • Office Version: 2007 32 bit or later
  • Memory 2GB (Recommended 4GB)
Application/Database Server:
  • Server: OS Version / License: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition 64 bit
  • Processor: Dual Processor Quad-Core Intel 1.9 Gigahertz
  • Memory: 16+GB depending on application requirements
  • Drive Configuration: 200 (2) GB or similar
  • Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition 2008 or 2012
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • SSIS services
  • Java JDK 1.6 Latest
  • Tomcat 7 servlet engine Latest version
  • Text File editor like Notepad++

Boardwalktech’s solution is an alternative to point solutions which are the typical “evolution” step for spreadsheet-based processes. Some relevant points for this are: The cost of creating/buying an enterprise quality multi-user application to replace spreadsheets is very high. Boardwalk can do the job and manage future iterations to the business data model in a very inexpensive reliable manner. Even if you replace a spreadsheet-based process with an enterprise point solution, one loses all the capabilities of a spreadsheet and replaces it with a rigid RDBMS model-- that is why spreadsheet inertia is the biggest competitor to enterprise software. In cases where enterprise software provides a core value, Boardwalk can extend that workflow to the desktop so users can get best of both worlds Boardwalktech has developed an incremental technology to both relational database and spreadsheet technology which is not currently offered by any other company.