Network of Words (NOW)

Gartner estimates there will be an 800% growth in the amount of data in the enterprise by 2021, with more than 80% of that data living in unstructured formats like PDFs, images, and videos. The Network of Words (NOW) assimilates structured and unstructured data and provides companies a completely new way to work with this explosion of new enterprise information.

Network of Words (NOW)

A completely new way to research and correlate structured and unstructured information

The typical approach for visibility into enterprise information is to convert documents that represent the state of the data into structured data sets in SQL. This approach has a very high cost of transformation and a loss of information because many times, critical data is sitting in free text or comments.

The Network of Words (NOW) is a patent pending technology offering a completely new way to research and correlate structured and unstructured enterprise information. NOW seamlessly collects, correlates, and curates a visual connection of nodes containing words, which can be connected to SQL, bill of materials, documents, images, videos, and documents of any kind.

NOW offers a new approach which exactly mirrors the original document/information source and correlates the information without any transformation. This is a powerful new way to get full visibility and correlation. For example, one can correlate an influencer social media post to the warehouse inventories across the world on how to replenish product quantities.