Existing process data, formulas, and layouts are used without re-platforming to create and drive Boardwalk Digital Ledger applications run using any application interface on any UI

Key Features of Boardwalk Digital Ledger

Patented Digital Ledger read more

Collaborative Digital Ledger technology is a new class of database which uniquely supports transparent, immutable, and verifiable exchanges between multiple parties. Its method for organizing and managing structured and unstructured enterprise information and making it actionable is called a Cuboid which is the core patented technology of our Digital Ledger platform.

Transaction Chaining read more

Part of Boardwalk's unique patented capabilities include transaction chains in the Boardwalk Digital Ledger database which are immutable. This also enables tracking the provenance of all transactions.

Tamper-Proof Data Provenance read more

Most companies have concerns about the quality and origin of their enterprise data. With Boardwalk, all changes are immutable, automatically versioned, and fully auditable. This brings knowing the provenance of your enterprise data to a new level.

Immutable Address/Value read more

Boardwalk imagines the world of information to be made up of immutable addresses which are the atomic elements of this data organization. Boardwalk allows users to work with information at its natural granularity, not constrained by concepts such as records, objects, documents or files. Each information is unique in the Boardwalk ecosystem, and can be directly referenced, irrespective of whether it constitutes a larger piece of information.

Permissions And Data Access Control read more

Boardwalk controls permissions and access at the granularity of business-- the cell. This means when multi-party exchange participants interact with your enterprise process data, you're ensured that they are only accessing and updating what you want them to.

Collaborative Alignment read more

Enterprises see tremendous value in building trust in shared process information and proving provenance but unless all the parties are collaboratively aligned on the information, the business value is not realized. Thus, getting rapid alignment on information and decisions is key to maintaining process inertia and reducing misalignment and friction between parties.

Workflow Based Consensus read more

Multi-party data exchanges require flexible, workflow-based consensus capabilities. With Boardwalk, multi-party data exchanges leveraging access control can happen simultaneously with different participants only affecting their data without overwrite. This enables powerful workflow-based consensus capabilities.

Machine Learning and Chain Intelligence read more

With information history captured in transaction chains on a digital ledger, using sophisticated access control, isolation and process-workflow configurations, information collected in the Boardwalk Digital Ledger can lend itself to advanced Machine Learning and Chain Intelligence algorithms to create predictive models.

Data Distribution And Replication read more

Boardwalk utilizes a unique isolation sharing data interaction model and access control which means participants only have their data distributed and replicated for their application environment.

Enterprise Blockchain read more

Many companies lack a trusted third-party environment for their enterprise data for any application. With blockchain, enterprises can now leverage permissioned blockchains which support restricting participants interacting with process data and enabling a transaction data consensus verification process which can be trusted by all parties involved.

Boardwalk Virtual Machine read more

Boardwalk enables process participants to interact with process and blockchain data through the Boardwalk Virtual Machine from any device/platform which means multi-party applications are able to reach all required participants in the extended enterprise.

Ledger and Workflow Designer read more

Enterprise applications typically have multiple participants that cross enterprise boundaries all with different data, workflow, and consensus requirements. Boardwalk supports powerful and flexible application development capabilities without requiring complex coding via its ledger and workflow designer capabilities.