Existing process data, formulas, and layouts are used without re-platforming to create and drive Boardwalk Digital Ledger applications run using any application interface on any UI

Key Benefits of Boardwalk Digital Ledger

Temporal Data read more

Unless your core information management systems are rich enough to manage the true time-based and event related nature of enterprise information, you will be limited in your ability to react to shifiting business conditions in a timely way, and you lose the predictive power of having this granular level of data.

Data Quality & Security read more

Easily being able to control who can change what, when, and how means you can now gain control over enterprise data that’s currently lost to the business in files and emails across your extended value chain and reduce operating risk.

Verifiable Change History read more

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger provides an immutable, blockchain encrypted, and auditable historical record of all your company’s data and its origins which is essential for business groups to reach trusted, verified, quick alignment and agreement between multiple parties.

Reduce Cycle Times read more

Reducing cycle times can improve your company’s efficiency and optimize its profit potential. The time it takes for a cycle is significant because it impacts the ability of a company to make more frequent, better consensus decisions, reach market windows, or to react to changes in customer needs or desires ultimately effecting operating results.

Better Collaboration read more

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger enables a new level of collaboration and accountability for multi-party participants across the extended value chain that can drive rapid, continual alignment of all process participants resulting in a 10-15% process accuracy improvement.

Elevate Visibility read more

The goal of visibility across your extended value chain is to gain advanced insights on how your business works while reducing risk. The combination of collaboration and more granular datadrives a more optimized value chain

Intelligently Predict vs React read more

Applying digital ledger technology with machine learning helps our customers use captured ledger data to find patterns leading up to events, and then begin predicting issues before they happen.

Reduce Risk read more

Operating risk is an inevitable part of running a business and it affects all parts of a company’s operations. Boardwalk helps you successfully mitigate operating risk and avoid the potential costs of business disruption using collaborative and proactive approach that incorporates all stakeholders throughout your business value chain.

Improve Business Results read more

A McKinsey study found that the average value chain has a digitization level of 43 percent—Boardwalk helps you get to 100% digital, enabling a more collaborative, aligned, and trusted exchange of data between multiple parties.