Staffing Resource Management

Resource and project management are interdependent, but they address different aspects. A project management plan is drawn up according to customer requirements and project objectives. It tells you, for example, that in four weeks from now you will need to complete a specific section of your overall project. It may also tell you that you will need eight appropriately skilled staff for a period of one week likely from multiple companies, but it won’t tell you where to find them, if they are available, nor do you have an effective way manage what has been agreed to across multiple parties. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger allows peer-to-peer interactions that decrease middleman costs and streamline the flow of data needed in the staffing and resource management process. This technology will allow candidates and companies interact directly with the masses while keeping their data confidential.

Staffing Resource Management Challenges

  • Ensure the availability of resources, meaning both staff and materials, by spotting and resolving any resource conflict. For instance, not having a resource double booked on 2 projects at once
  • Employment background and accuracy checking is a common problem and the effort to verify credentials impacts on the hiring process and costs employers time and money
  • Incorporate the realities of the project, such as any limitations on availability of reviewers or outside participants to make sure disruptions are minimized
  • Respond to changes in project objectives to reassign resources as required and maintain good overall productivity and profitability
  • Not having a shared, common digital ledger which captures all party's commitments makes reconciliation time consuming for all parties
  • Track resource utilization in a timely, accurate, and trusted way to correct or prevent excessive or under-utilization of staff

Using Boardwalk Digital Ledger for Staffing Resource Management

Boardwalk’s flexible, user-friendly, and powerful modeling and analysis capabilities make it ideal for staffing resource management. For example, process models and formulas can be easily adjusted to fit the specific and evolving needs of any company. And, the digital ledger allows for individuals to create and join staffing assignments that have very specific and well-defined goals. Each staffing assignment acts like a business model and individuals join or are assigned staffing assignments based on the skills needed to achieve the purpose. Payments and measurements are based on the terms defined within the now smart contract and is transparent to the platform users.

  • Automate the time-consuming aspects of staffing resource management so staff can focus on doing their work and not on emailing updates to each other
  • Eliminate copying/pasting of staffing data improves efficiency and reduces errors
  • Enable multi-party collaboration for all your process data and integrate it with your front and back office systems plus have smart contract triggers automatically capturing commitments on a blockchain verifiable digital ledger
  • Easily handle and scale your existing process with multiple currencies, multiple languages, global payroll and billing functions, and local employment laws

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Staffing Resource Management

  • Process participants can easily view and share the same trusted data which can dramatically increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and eliminate redundancy
  • Having all your staffing data in the Boardwalk Digital Ledger provides a consistent, validated, and trusted data source for resource information that right now is typically spread into many different files or emails
  • Employment, educational, and other records stored in a digital ledger could eliminate the time spent calling previous employers, and working with educational verification and background check companies
  • Digitally transform what employees do today, but enable them to directly access the trusted information they need to work more efficiently