Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE)

Sales and operations execution (S&OE) is the set of business processes and supporting technologies that bridges and builds a link that connects the higher level plans to execution activities.

Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) Challenges

Once S&OP planning is completed, the cross-functional team adjourns, and each group does its best to optimize the part of the process they own. If no variations ever occurred during the operations period, then this would work perfectly every time. However, exceptions related to fluctuations in demand, shortages, delays, and disruptions can reveal the process weak points of your supply chain and these exceptions are all too common. Traditional systems, which are not focused on managing collaborative, time-based data across multiple parties, struggle with:

  • Collaboratively tracking booked, not yet shipped, customer orders and volumes
  • Maintaining a collaborative view to current demand and its projections and adjustments
  • Monitoring upcoming deliveries against customer expectations and the supply commitments
  • Collaboratively managing production output, inventory balances, and asset utilization
  • Maintaining visibility to supplier performance against near-term plan requirements

The problem is that actively managing this detailed operation execution data means gaining a cross-company insight into the real-time operating processes of different departments on a timelier and more granular basis. Today, one on one communication between teams happens via email and spreadsheets and there is no centralized record of decisions between the groups nor a good way to communicate these decisions to the other groups in the chain on a timely basis. This means everyone adds buffers to their plans to compensate which costs everyone revenue and margin.

Effective Business Process Automation

Companies struggle with how to best manage the fast-changing operational data that is needed to align planning and execution activities. What’s needed is a flexible, but structured, data environment that focuses on aligning execution strategy across demand, inventory, operational execution activities, trading partners, and supply chain strategies with a goal to maximize market opportunity, and to provide trade-off capabilities for profitability and customer satisfaction

The Boardwalktech Solution: Boardwalk-Driven S&OE

Boardwalk focuses on effectively managing the collaborative exchange of planning and other data between multiple parties and systems in the S&OE space. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger for S&OE is ideal for supporting planning activities during the 0 to 12-week time horizon, with a weekly cadence, and a focus on SKUs, orders, and shipments with the goal of enabling S&OP plans and keeping them on track.

  • The Boardwalk Digital Ledger enables effective S&OE applications more simply than you can imagine. And does it with minimal investment, low change management, and 100% adoption.
  • Now collaboration and execution can be done at the same time, legacy environments easily integrated, changes time-tracked and versioned, agreements verifiable through blockchain immutability, and digitally transformed processes up and running in 6-8 weeks

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger platform eliminates high touch manual processes and delivers improved multi-party information exchanges, reduced business risk, and a richer data environment for predictive analytics. These benefits will result in a best in class S&OE solution that frees up capital, improves cash flow, and improves margins.