Demand & Supply Planning

A shared digital ledger, using blockchain-inspired technology, can provide demand and supply professionals with full transparency of their inventory levels along with real-time data updates on supply and demand between all internal and external parties. Stakeholders benefit from better control of their inventory, cash flows, and sourcing decisions, and can leverage the system to trace compliance or delays associated with certain supply chain participants.

Demand & Supply Planning Challenges

  • Supply chain planners find it difficult to use a web-based tool when working with lots of data. Too many clicks. But, when exchanging updates via email, a process choke point often develops and data gets out of sync
  • Manually consolidating input from planners is often a tedious, error-prone process that also requires manually versioning changes
  • Getting sales backlog and actuals data into an existing legacy processes is difficult

Boardwalk Digital Ledger powered Demand & Supply Planning

Our customers use a configurable, template-driven digital ledger modeling and smart contract configuration environment that enables a two-way exchange of trust, blockchain verified planning data between multiple demand and supply users across all enterprise boundaries.

  • Your company’s process experts have evolved & developed their existing process models using the power and flexibility of an Excel digital ledger—these files uniquely capture your business. Boardwalk can leverage these legacy applications environments and data without re-platforming
  • All existing detailed planning information can now be collaborative, available on-demand, and trusted and secured between all process participants. This means that changes made to their part of the supply and demand plan reflect the latest information
  • Existing manually managed data can now be reliably integrated with your existing supply and demand planning systems enabling an enterprise quality planning process out to the furthest planning leaf

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Demand and Supply Planning

  • Synchronizing the supply chain from raw materials to the customer offers the greatest opportunity to improved supply chain profitability and greater value to the entire supply value chain
  • One of the key supply and demand plan drivers is gaining an understanding of forecasted channel and end-customer purchases which is essential to realizing higher in-stock levels, increased turns for supply chain participants, and lower supply chain costs
  • Avoid traditional, expensive, and labor-intensive platforms and leverage an open, cost-effective, and highly collaborative digital ledger platform to configure a demand and supply application which can be used by all process participants