A Technology and Business Problem Mismatch

Digital ledger and blockchain technology are poised to fundamentally alter the retail industry. A digital ledger, in combination with smart contracts, can convert analog and labor-intensive tasks into digitally-automated processes. Adding blockchain immutability and verification has the potential to reinvent and in some cases obviate key business functions throughout retail organizations, bringing greater trust and security to how they interact and transact across the extended value chain

Using Boardwalk Digital Ledger to Drive Your Business

Boardwalk's collaborative digital ledger capabilities enables productivity and visibility increases since cutting & pasting, emailing, and shared drives are eliminated— there’s a single, blockchain trusted and secure version of the truth for the joint business planning processes. And, using access control, all users and trading partners only see their data within the digital ledger so the process is securely managed across all participants.

  • New products and promotions can be rapidly incorporated meaning business planning can happen more quickly and frequently.
  • Flexible data modeling environment means multiple supplier business models with unique attributes can be accommodated and rolled up into a single view of your business.
  • Unique calculations for retailers to arrive at their internal gross and net margin figures are easily accommodated and changeable.
  • Blockchain applications can be created now to enhance operational efficiency and drive down costs.