Project & Portfolio Management

Business and IT users rely on familiar desktop software to help them manage common business applications such as project & portfolio management, project resource staffing, and asset management. Even though companies have spent millions of dollars on enterprise point solutions, much of this planning work is still done in desktop Excel since its capabilities for quickly modeling business processes and performing what-if analysis is un-matched.

Project & Portfolio Management Challenges

  • IT cannot effectively address common business process problems for business users, such as project & portfolio management, because enterprise point solutions are too expensive to deploy and are not flexible
  • When these business users turn to desktop spreadsheets as a solution, it’s difficult to control these rogue desktop process because there's no easy way to gain insight into their status, no ability to control who has access to the data at a cell level, no easy way to track what's changed at the cell level, and no way to centrally manage these ad-hoc spreadsheet-based processes at the cell level
  • Information workers require the ability to work collaboratively on their desktops. This means the power of business applications is not being extended to every employee across the enterprise

Boardwalk-Driven Project & Portfolio Management

Only Boardwalk utilizes a patented isolation sharing capability which lets users work offline maturing their updates until they are ready to share, and then rather than emailing, they simply click on Submit to share their changes with other users who Refresh to see the changes. This, coupled with the ability to quickly setup a new project template makes Boardwalk the ideal choice for project & portfolio management applications.

  • Boardwalk turns existing spreadsheet-based processes into enterprise quality applications while retaining the power and flexibility of Excel on the desktop
  • Boardwalk enables a two-way, collaborative exchange between ad-hoc, desktop-based productivity processes and existing enterprise systems
  • The Boardwalk Digital Ledger provides enterprise-quality data management for spreadsheet-based processes and data which ensures critical data, down to the cell level, is access controlled, auditable, and secure with blockchain immutability and verification
  • Boardwalk can work with any industry standard relational database system which means integrating it with your existing enterprise infrastructure can be done in weeks not months

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Project & Portfolio Management

  • Centrally manage all your company’s critical spreadsheet-based processes, but retain the flexibility needed for the desktop user
  • Eliminate the information worker’s reliance on business application experts and seamlessly connect the process and productivity application worlds
  • Data from ERP, SCM, CRM and other enterprise systems can be pulled securely into the Boardwalk environment so users can effectively connect the desktop with the rest of the enterprise
  • Enterprise data used in isolation on the desktop can now be included as part of the overall enterprise workflow while eliminating the risk of being out of compliance with standards and policies
  • Shorten the time lost to manually managing data and invest it back into making the process better