A Need for Advanced Collaborative Technology

Digital ledger-enabled collaboration is a key technology to aid insurers in meeting the needs of today's insurer industry. Using secure, trusted collaboration, insurers can optimize their value chain and produce significant business benefits such as revenue growth, loss avoidance and improved customer satisfaction.

Using Boardwalk Digital Ledger for Insurance Applications

Boardwalk enables digital collaboration for the insurance industry tying together agents, brokers, claims, underwriters, reinsurers and management. With multiple systems of record across a typical insurance company, it is difficult to get everyone on the same page looking at the same data. Applications running on the Boardwalk Digital Ledger can tie in the data resident in the various systems of record and, in one place, provide trusted and secure collaboration and decision making across the entire insurance organization. Improving the speed and ease of working together with the proper information close at hand helps decision making and drives valued results across all organizations involved. Whether its aggregating actuarial data, pricing/quoting data, managing renewals automatically, working on risk management or forecasting and planning, Boardwalk's collaborative capabilities improve process times, data reliability, and decision-making cycles.

  • Remove all manual data interaction which is today mostly done in spreadsheets.
  • Provide a single, centrally managed, secure and auditable blockchain digital ledger for all your collaborative insurance data.
  • More effectively connect across all participants in the insurance value change.
  • Connect all systems of record into an easy to use and manage collaboration environment.
  • Provide a powerful UDA and model management capability for digitally transforming legacy application environments