Technology is changing how High-Tech companies go-to-market

The High Tech industry is always in flux. Frequent new products and category innovation define and redefine the sector’s constantly shifting landscape. Increasingly, technology firms are reexamining the structure of their businesses and taking bold steps to squeeze out better financial performance. They are doing this because their profit margins and market share are under siege from disruptive competitors. The competition from all market participants, in turn, has made customers more demanding. They are seeking greater performance, better features, and more platform independence and flexibility at the lowest price point possible.

How does a high tech manufacturer stay ahead in a market like this?

Boardwalk’s patented digital ledger technology enables companies to rapidly create, maintain, and update business data using any UI including legacy spreadsheets while securely and reliably managing this business data across any number of desktop and other data environments. Other solutions often are used only to collect revenue forecasts from sales and trading partners while unit level forecasts are managed internally because it’s too hard to extend traditional solutions outside the company. By using Boardwalk, our High Tech customers have a tool for collecting field forecast data in a way that is easily understandable by field personnel. And, since users only see their data, all changes are versioned, the forecast data is securely managed in the cloud, and changes can be easily tracked and validated via the blockchain, this reduces forecast cycle time and enables the company to run their business more profitably.

Since deploying Boardwalk, customers have seen significant business benefits--- for example:

  • Planning cycles reduced from 6 weeks to 1 week or even on-demand
  • Forecast accuracy improved by 12% while forecast error was reduced 20%
  • Reduced inventory days from 120 to 90 (25% reduction)
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 33% while still adhering to a 4-week lead time