Technology disruption in HR Management

Boardwalktech's products enables HR organizations to leverage digital ledger technologies to improve the exchange of information which forms the framework for the employer-employee relationship.

Boardwalk provides a platform with a complete set of tools to quickly build digital ledger applications for managing, collaborating and reporting on human resources information across your extended enterprise and beyond. Leveraging and extending your investment in existing HRIS systems, Boardwalk integrates with all transactional systems of record with its full API & ETL capabilities making HR process more secure, transparent, and efficient. .

Staffing Resource Managementread more

Multi-party resource staffing is an essential capability for any project in every company. Allocating precious resources - human and other – to understand the utilization impact in terms of time, cost, and dependency between resources can make or break your project. Boardwalk offers powerful capabilities for all participants to enter, agree, manage, and trust staffing resource requirements seamlessly across company boundaries with terms defined within smart contracts and all staffing data transparent and validated via a blockchain for the platform users.

Salary Planningread more

Compensation must be done on time, without error, and with trust in the data. But the tools of the trade, often spreadsheets and email, lend themselves to human error. As a result, many HR professionals struggle to collect, manage, and audit data from multiple users throughout the extended organization and to keep compensation processes on track. Blockchain technology offers new capabilities for this critical process area.

Incentive/Performance Managementread more

As organizations re-evaluate their compensation strategies in order to adapt to the recent changes in the business landscape including more work with contractors, incentive compensation is now top of mind for many HR professionals. When incentive plans are managed through the Boardwalk Digital Ledger, you can easily manage the constantly changing extended organizational structures, territories, and plans giving you an always up-to-date and accurate view of your performance and payout results.