Trusted Multi-Party Collaboration - The Key to Successful Planning

For companies up and down the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) value chain, now is the time to take a fresh look at their planning processes including trade promotions, provenance tracking, pricing, CPFR, and demand-driven supply chain management. Increased complexity in the value chain is putting pressure even on well-run planning processes, making accurate forecasting and product promotion choices more difficult. No CPG company can afford inefficiencies in either process or coordination and effective, trusted collaboration between all parties is essential. It's time to elevate your CPG supply chain processes to a digital ledger platform.

Boardwalk is used by our CPG customers to collaboratively manage promotions, pricing, volume, and mix planning between trading partners. Using Boardwalk, our customers are able to integrate actuals data from their ERP, POS data from the retailer, and collaborative joint business plan data into one connected digital ledger planning environment that works seamlessly across firewalls. Since deploying Boardwalk, our customers have seen significant business benefits:

  • More time for planning; tedious and error-prone manual steps have been eliminated freeing up planners to proactively manage the joint business plan.
  • An integrated process; master product data is managed alongside the collaborative plan data meaning new products and product/mix changes are handled quickly and easily.
  • Focus forward rather than backward; all data is automatically connected and consolidated as the data is gathered which means management can plan ahead of the business.

Traditionally, lots of work is done to connect, align and verify data between multiple trading partners. Now using the Boardwalk Digital Ledger, our CPG customers are able to proactively develop and adjust trusted and verified joint business plans with key trading partners which can have a significant impact on their bottom line.