Radius Control Tower

As supply chains becomes longer, more global and increasingly complex, a control tower enables a bird’s eye view of the supply chain network to ensure that all of the parts are moving together and performing as expected.

Control Tower Challenges

Today’s supply chains have become incredibly complicated. A recent Gartner survey found that 85 percent of respondents felt that supply chain complexity is a significant and growing challenge for their operations. The business hurdle in this path is the disconnect and lack of visibility across departments and global external partners. The technological hurdle is the inability to capture change and the disconnect between structured and unstructured information such a design briefs, tech packs, social media, and inventory databases.

  • Conventional control towers offer a very limited form of visibility, emphasizing visibility into one part of the chain at the expense of another
  • Conventional control towers require a lot of manual processes and large teams of people to operate
  • Most enterprises still use separate systems for planning and execution

This means before any enterprise information becomes actionable, Enterprise IT has transformed the document into an SQL unit for information and then someone has to write a query to describe the relationship to correlate information within two sources of data. This is very expensive and has a real loss of fidelity and still doesn’t cover a major percentage of the enterprise data stored in emails, documents, pdfs, websites, and blogs.

Effective Business Process Automation

The Boardwalk Radius Control Tower is powered by the Boardwalk Digital Ledger and the Boardwalk Nucleus/Network of Words enabling the management of ripples across personal, group, corporations, and the global chain of partners, thus cutting costs, improving margins, accessibility to the correct material sources, and other ancillary entities that allow a supply chain company dramatically improve revenues and margins.

The Boardwalktech Solution: Boardwalk-Driven Radius Control Tower

Boardwalk Supplychain provides a complete solution for amplifying beneficial ripples and mitigating disruptive ripples using our rapid collaboration and planning and operations apps with results delivered on the Radius Control Tower. The Boardwalk Control Tower offers a new approach where we exactly mirror the original document/information source (EDI, PFD, Excel, and SQL) and to correlate structured and unstructured information without any transformation. This is a powerful new way to get full visibility and correlation.

  • The Radius Control Tower enables Retail, CPG, Apparel and other companies across industries to understand and manage rapid product, customer and market-driven responses
  • The only way companies will thrive in this rapidly changing environment is to have better, more relevant information faster so decisions can be made in minutes or hours vs days or weeks

Being able to aggregate this information and see actionable data in the Radius Control Tower will deliver improved results including reduced time to market, a reduction in inventory and operational costs, and increased sales and margins by having the right product in the right quantity in the right place at the right time.