Blockchain Technology

Distributed ledger technology (DLT), more commonly called “Blockchain,” offers the opportunity for building a new generation of applications that establish trust and transparency while simultaneously facilitating the trusted validation and execution of information and transactions in multi-party processes and business networks. Blockchain offers the potential to do for trusted business exchanges what the Internet has done for information sharing.

Boardwalktech and Blockchain

Boardwalktech has been providing distributed private digital ledger systems for more than 10+ years. Boardwalktech’s patented database technology is a collaborative digital ledger platform that is distributed across multiple concerns and supports information modularity, constraint, and sharing with regard to business information where thought needs to go into the exchange-- typically called “work-in-process” (WIP) process data. We have taken the most useful aspects of blockchain and applied them to create solutions for enterprises that are centralized so our customers can get the benefits of modern technology without disrupting your business. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger and its blockchain capabilities are ideal for managing the modularity of information between parties in a distributed manner in any industry.

What makes Boardwalktech unique for blockchain applications?

Boardwalktech utilizes a cell/universal object data management capability which is unique for blockchain digital ledger data environments. It has a unique sequencing scheme – an identity code/sequence code -- which is committed across multiple (distributed) nodes with the ability to include resolution as part of the scheme. It also has the unique ability to branch and merge data with immutable transaction IDs as part of a sequencing and resolution blockchain with a complete audit trail of all changes.

  • Patented methodology for managing interconnected blocks of information with transaction IDs
  • Granular access control (cell/universal object) for better “Smart Contract” management
  • Rapid blockchain application development platform with deployment on multiple UIs: Browser, Mobile, Excel
  • Enterprise Integration - includes workflow, document storage/management, transaction history
  • Unique Submit/Refresh data exchange with tagged data elements (cell/universal object)