Enterprises are generally overwhelmed with planning data, making the ability to store, process, analyze, interpret, consume, trust, validate, and act upon that data a primary concern. For large-scale, multi-national organizations and those in heavily regulated industries— such as finance, supply chain, or those covering multiple industry verticals — the situation becomes even more complex and challenging.

Today, companies run 1000s of critical planning process manually on the desktop. Boardwalk allows you to digitally transform these typically legacy spreadsheet-based processes into cloud-based, enterprise-quality, purpose-built digital ledger powered planning applications or to use templates developed by Boardwalktech to configure and deploy new applications across the enterprise.

The following are only a few of the enterprise application types deployed by our customers. If you don’t see an application similar to your process, contact us to see how Boardwalk can help you to adopt digital ledger technology.