A Need for Technology to Keep up with Business

The apparel industry uses globally distributed teams comprising of merchants, designers, buyers, production planners, sourcing managers, vendors, factories and apparel channels. All these teams must work through multiple yearly seasons to align on brand, line of business, financial, market and operational goals. With thousands of SKUs and continuous introduction of new products, it's not a surprise that alignment, trust, and verification for enterprise data across trading partners is so difficult to achieve. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger platform solves the issues associated with multi-party transactions in the apparel supply chain and offers a complete offline planning application experience which is especially important for global teams and large data usage which otherwise results in low adoption of web-based technologies.

Using Boardwalk for Apparel Applications

Having the flexibility to use a web-form or Excel as the UI is ideal for apparel applications including line planning, buy planning, costing and sourcing, and vendor compliance. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger platform works directly with legacy spreadsheet-based data without re-platforming, so our customers have seen product cost reductions and improved margins since manual file creation and consolidation, email file sharing issues, data inconsistencies, and manual integration with ERP/PLM are all eliminated. And, all users and trading partners only see their data on the desktop so the process is securely managed across all participants. Plus, blockchain ensures that all updates are securely recorded and verifiable by all participants.

  • Trust in your planning information as it is stored in a single, shared digital ledger.
  • All changes by all users are captured and auditable with full provenance and verifiable on a blockchain.
  • Continuous collaboration reduces iteration times to hours.
  • Ability to use Excel as the user interface resulting in low change management.