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Sharing Excel files manually using email then cutting & pasting or using check-in/out doesn't work. And worse, research shows up to 20% of everyone's time is wasted manually sharing Excel files. The result: Excel Chaos. Boardwalk Sheets eliminates Excel Chaos!

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Boardwalk Sheets

Boardwalk Sheets lets you easily share and collaborate cell-level changes between multiple users with all changes automatically consolidated and tracked in the Boardwalk Sheets database run securely in a cloud environment or behind your firewall. You can continue to work in Excel like you do today, but when you are ready to share changes, rather than email or check-in/out, you use Submit and Refresh to share cell-level changes with other users. All changes are highlighted using Excel comments and are tracked with a complete audit trail. There's even a multi-user chat capability which works from inside Excel! You can't do this with an online spreadsheet-- only Boardwalk Sheets lets you share cell-level changes while working in Excel on the desktop.

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You work with Boardwalk Sheets using a Boardwalk Sheets Excel template which you can download for free and then use to share Excel data with other users for 30 days. You can download a blank Boardwalk Sheets Excel template or you can use a pre-defined template and then start sharing cell-level data with other users right away! You can access the Boardwalk Sheets templates by clicking below.

Before you start your free trial, you can watch the getting started video or read the getting started guide.

Getting Started Video

We can also arrange a custom demo for you using your spreadsheet data.