Finally, a simple way to share information

Make changes in your Boardwalk Application, when you're ready, click on Submit and only your changes are pushed to the Boardwalk Server. Other users then Refresh to see yours and other changes including an audit trail. It's the way business users want to collaborate.

What Makes Boardwalk Unique?

Boardwalktech provides a patented, collaborative enterprise data management technology offered as either a cloud-based platform service or industry specific application. Unlike other applications that support collaboration at the file or record-object level and use check-in/check-out or locking to support multiple users, only Boardwalk enables concurrent, multi-user collaboration for enterprise data managed within a spreadsheet or any UI.

Boardwalktech’s patented IP creates a cell/object-based, unique identifier for enterprise data. This identifier leverages the use of tabular data to create a contextually-aware dataset that can be utilized by any enterprise application, integrated with the extended enterprise, and available across multiple platforms and devices.