Excel is the planning system of choice for supply chain applications

Despite large investments in supply chain technology, most companies continue to rely on Excel for applications across the sales and operations value chain. Why? There's simply no other environment more powerful for laying out complex supply chain relationships. In fact, Excel usage has grown as most organizations continue to struggle using enterprise planning technologies that can actually never model the complex supply chain relationships as well as an Excel spreadsheet.

The following represent only a fraction of the applications which our supply chain customers have deployed using Boardwalk. Starting with your existing spreadsheets or a template from us, you can quickly scale, secure, and connect your Excel supply chain spreadsheets into an enterprise application for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to configure and deploy alternative technologies. And don't forget, it's your Excel models that capture the intellectual property of your company and create a system of differentiation that sets your company apart.

Sales & Operations Planning read more

The key to an effective S&OP process would be to find a way to mitigate the limitations of spreadsheets. This means letting users still operate with their current spreadsheet processes, but now with collaborative data management capabilities. With this capability, rather than expending company resources on manually collecting, rolling up and assessing data, users could instead focus on the plan data itself. This means companies could spend more time making effective management decisions and driving their business to greater profitability.

Trading Partner Collaborationread more

After decades of spending significant money on complex EDI systems, trading partners are still mostly just exchanging transactional information like purchase orders, ship notices and invoices. And, they are using spreadsheets to do it. With Boardwalk, trading partners can break down the barriers that limit the exchange of dynamic data so important to trading relationships and turn rigid organizational relationships into flexible, adaptive value chains ready to respond to market and customer shifts.

Demand & Supply Planningread more

Boardwalktech offers demand and supply planners an Excel-based solution which lets them leverage the ubiquitous Excel environment for collecting input from all parts of the extended supply chain, but does so in a robust, reliable, collaborative and enterprise quality manner.