A Technology and Business Problem Mismatch

Retailers continue to rely on spreadsheets to maintain inventory, track orders, manage promotions with manufacturers, and other important information. Let’s face, it even the largest of suppliers who have spent millions building collaboration portals around their EDI systems, only see them work for a few of their retailers. How can you possibly interact with so many companies on so many data points when other technologies require that you build out the entire data environment before you can do anything? And then, when you do start using it, you can only work on one record at a time in a web form?

Using Boardwalk to Drive Your Business

Spreadsheets are the ideal tool for retail planning as complex and disparate data environments are easily bridged and maintained between trading partners. By adding Boardwalk, which works directly on existing spreadsheets, to their solution portfolio, our customers have seen productivity and visibility increase since cutting & pasting, email, and shared drives are eliminated— there’s a single version of the truth for the joint business plan process. And, all users and trading partners only see their data within Excel on the desktop so the process is securely managed across all participants. Powerful Excel “what-if” scenario planning is leveraged by all users and the resulting plan is shared with the click of a mouse.

  • New products and promotions can be rapidly incorporated meaning business planning can happen more quickly and frequently.
  • Flexible data modeling environment means multiple supplier business models can be accommodated and rolled up into a single view of your business.
  • Unique calculations for retailers to arrive at their internal gross and net margin figures are easily accommodated and changeable.