Count on Excel to Model your Business

Companies continue to use Excel because their traditional planning systems don’t allow them to react quickly to change. In today’s highly competitive and global market with globally distributed suppliers, OEMs & vendors, this is a problem. As a result, manufacturing professionals extract data from their ERP systems and rely on Excel to model their business. Now what?

Boardwalk for Manufacturing

It’s one thing to use Excel to model your business, but it’s another to effectively make it work across your extended business. To do so, you need to collaborate within & outside the enterprise using a common language. This common language is Excel. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to automation technology to increase operational efficiency throughout the organization— including spreadsheet-based processes. Boardwalktech has solved the collaborative spreadsheet problem and mitigated the inherent problems with isolated spreadsheet processes. Using Boardwalk, manufacturers can apply automation technology to existing spreadsheet-based processes, providing the time critical visibility into the detailed operational data they desire.

With Boardwalk

  • Forecasting between internal planners and manufacturing locations can be automated across all product lines with access control managing the data views for different users.
  • Planners can work in an environment where they can work with lots of data at once and easily make updates working offline.
  • Inventory in trading partner locations needed to be managed closely so Boardwalk’s collaboration capabilities are critical to planning manufacturing allocations optimally.