Time to Think Differently

Boardwalktech is revolutionizing the way IT organizations are meeting the demand for LOB applications across the extended enterprise. Only Boardwalktech offers a patented database technology designed specifically to work with spreadsheet based data which means you can now add scale, security, and other enterprise capabilities to any spreadsheet based process.

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Even though companies have spent millions of dollars on enterprise applications, 80% of the daily work in an enterprise is done outside of system(s) of record much of it within Excel. Spreadsheets, however, lack enterprise system capabilities, like robust data security and integration with other systems which make it difficult to scale spreadsheet processes. Until now, this spreadsheet scaling problem which has existed for over 20 years has not been solved in an enterprise quality manner. Now it has with patented Boardwalk technology.

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Business and IT users rely on familiar desktop software to help them manage common business applications such as project & portfolio management and asset management. However, desktop Excel users are not able to leverage multi-user collaboration, change management, validation checking and other enterprise capabilities because standard spreadsheet environments do not scale. Boardwalk changes this.