The Role of Spreadsheets

The convergence of compliance regulation and guideline changes over internal controls for financial data plus a renewed corporate focus on internal audit, has forced organizations to seek more efficient methods to address integrated governance, risk, and compliance business processes. As with all business process automation initiatives, technology plays an important role in streamlining redundant tasks, providing transparency to information, and driving cost out of the process.

Boardwalk for compliance and risk management

The spreadsheet environment in more than 90% of companies still lacks proper audit management or risk control measures. Only Boardwalk provides a technology platform which works from within Excel and enables business users to establish a data management and tracking repository that’s fully integrated with the company’s enterprise information systems. Financial services professionals are then able to identify and take further action against risk-managed changes that are happening within critical spreadsheets before they negatively impact the business. Expectations for compliance are high, and, at a time when regulatory and consumer trust in financial services remains low, the compliance function can play a powerful role in making needed changes within the industry.

  • All other spreadsheet-data management solutions work at a file level and require mapping of cells to understand how data is changing within critical spreadsheets.
  • Only Boardwalk-powered applications leverage patented, cell-level data management technology. This makes it possible for users to identify and take action against risk-managed changes that are happening within critical spreadsheets.