"He who fails to plan is planning to fail" - Winston Churchill

Finance and account professionals often use a dedicated application to close and report financial data, but they use spreadsheets to extract specific information to support collaborative planning and decision analysis around that data or to collect data across disparate financial systems.

In today’s fast paced and compliance focused business environment, it’s not enough to go through the traditional process of a tedious tops down financial cycle, then spend weeks or months iterating in spreadsheets only to roll it all up again and see how far your off. And, during this whole cycle, not knowing who changed what, why, or where the latest data is located. There needs to be a better way to manage this process. This better way is with Boardwalk.

Sales & Revenue Forecasting read more

Boardwalk is ideal for managing forecasting processes in any company that needs to collaborate between multiple participants and consolidate everyone's input into a single forecast. The collaborative features of Boardwalk, which leverage existing spreadsheets "as-is" and eliminate email and manual "save-as" versioning, insure that accurate and current forecast data is available at all times to monitor the forecast for the company and to make better decisions, faster.

Treasury & Cash Managementread more

Treasury and Cash Management continues to evolve as a very strategic and critical function within the enterprise and spreadsheets remain the tool of choice. In fact, according to an HSBC survey, 79% of companies polled still use spreadsheets in their cash management and treasury functions. Boardwalk lets you develop an enterprise quality “single version of the truth” for all your spreadsheet-based treasury and cash management data. At the same time, Boardwalk lets you retain the flexibility and power of Excel’s business modeling environment on the desktop which is essential to a successful treasury and cash management application.

Budgeting & Planningread more

Nowhere within an enterprise are spreadsheets more widely used as the tool of choice than in financial budgeting and planning. In fact, according to CFO.com, over 73% of companies still use spreadsheets as the main tool for collecting planning and budget inputs and distributing reports for these systems. Only Boardwalk lets your company fully leverage your existing process and business logic while retaining the renowned flexibility of Excel.